Chemical products packaging

Your products are very complex and they have various characteristics. They need an efficient packaging solution dealing with high security standards. Our machines are the perfect match for your ATEX products. They are made with top-range components to insure low maintenance costs and sustainability.

produits detergents


engrais bidon

Plant protection products

encre noire

Other chimicals


We pack all types of liquid products, viscous, foaming, corrosives from 50 ml :


  • Détergents : houshold products, acids, stain remover, sanitizers, washing-up liquids, detergents, fabric softeners…
  • Plant protection products : fertilizers, pesticides, les fungicides…
  • Other chemicals : peints, inks, automotive products…


We adjust the machine to all types of containers and caps : bottles, cans, barrels…


Filling technologies adapted to detergents and chemical products :

  • Weight filling and mass flow meter with semi-automatic machines
  • Mass flow meter, volumetric and magnetic filling with automatic machines


Contact us for a packaging line solution for detergents - chemical products