Packaging machines for liquid products


Food products packaging

The food poducts and pet food require safe packaging solutions regardless the risks of contamination. Our machines are standard built for food contact. They are equipped with automated cleaning system. They can be adapted to meet the standards you wish.

sauce algerienneSauces
echantillon vinaigre

Oils and vinegars

echantillon boisson


We pack all types of liquid products, viscous and foaming from 50 ml :


  • Soups and sauces
  • Oils
  • Beverages : sirups, juces, liquors…


We adjust the machine to all types of containers and caps : bottles, pots, jars, cans…


The filling technologies adapted to food products :

  • Weight filling and mass flow meter with semi automatic machines
  • Mass flow meter, volumetric, magnetic or peristaltic with automatic machines


Contact us for a packaging line solution for food products.

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