An available and efficient After Sales service

Our Service department is available for technical help 5 days a week, from 8 am to 6 pm. Our technicians provide real-time assistance to minimize production interruptions. We travel to your facilities on demand to solve any difficulties you experience.

Spare parts

Spare parts

Rest assured that your machine will be maintained during all its timelife.

We maintain a huge inventory of spare parts ready to send for a quick delivery



We provide a customized support to suit your exact needs.

Preventive maintenance is a priority. We are commited to avoid any shutdown of your production. We audit your machine and make a diagnostic according to a defined periodicity.



While installing the machine in your facilities, our technicians deliver training to your people in order they know how to use our machine. We offer trainings for both machine operations and maintenance.

We can design training sessions for your technicians in accordance with their needs.

Machine improvement

Machine improvement

Most of our machines can be upgraded to meet your new needs. Our teams help you to increase the permormances of your facilities.

You want to add a new format of container or cap ? Our design dep. assesses the technical feasability of your project.

Go further together

Our commitment to your success don't stop when the machine is delivered. Our clients are valuable partners with whom we want to share a story, a long term relationship.

We are always pleased to meet you at our office or yours. We answer every question you have as long as you need us. We help for technical or maintenance issues.

We provide solutions if you want to adjust your machine to a new need and improve its capacity of production. 


A true partnership for many years

Our sales representatives can make the difference with the quality of their advices. Their experience in many different problematics is at your disposal : you will get the best offer for your project.

Our after sales services deals with any issue you could meet. They provide a hotline service or they visit you if needed.

Our design department is at your service to find the best solution regarding your need. Our experts in mechanics and automation adjust the machine for a perfect match to your products. 7 poeple are studying and drawing the upgrade of your machine.

Our project manager is available to answer any of your questions.