Automatic linear monoblock

Automatic linear monobloc for filling and caping

The automatic linear monoblock STOPPIL can run every format of bottles and caps. Suitable for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Its compact design meets your needs for low speed packaging.


• AISl 304 or Satinless steel 316L machine frame
• Filling system adapted to your product : volumetric, magnetic, mass flow meter 
• 15‘’ color touchsceen
• Programming up to 200 recipes
• Screwer : control torque by brushless servo motor 


• For bottles from 50 ml to 10 l
• 1 to 6 filling heads
• Suitable for any kind of containers or caps
• Memorisation of torque


• Up to 800 bottles/hour.


• Corrosive, food or pharma conception
• ATEX conception
• Vibrating bowl